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Monday, July 11, 2011

Polarity in Thought

Polarity in thought does not mean that a thought can be both criminal and philanthropic, both dark and light, both negative and affirmative , or both false and true.

Thought is like a magnet. Magnetism is in every form, and it has positive and negative poles.

With the positive pole , it expands. With the negative side, it focuses. Without focus , there is no expansion. Without expansion, focus is dead. Focus relates man to the need of the present. Expansion relates man to the need of the future.

Our emotions also have a polarity: our self and the other self , or the all –self. Without the self, one cannot see the other self.

Polarity of emotion does not mean that you love and hate. Actually , negative emotions have no polarity.

Polarity of emotions means attraction and repulsion. You attract good and repulse evil. This is how you can keep your equilibrium of polarity.

Our bodies have polarity. They are magnetic and radiator. Sometimes the magnetism is more than the radiation, or vice versa. They fluctuate.

Thus our bodies , emotions, and thoughts have polarity. The point of equilibrium is the ability to choose which pole to use for certain occasions and in what dosage. The point of equilibrium works according to the need and the conditions.

Polarity is not composed of two forces which try to destroy each other , but of forces which try to cooperate with each other. For example, I think, “ let me help that person, without hurting his wife, ”this is polarity in thought. Both if I say ,” let me help that man , to hurt his wife,” I have two thoughts---a constructive thought and a destructive thought. Two antagonistic thoughts destroy polarity in thought.

When a thought has no polarity, it is not a thought but an obstacle in the mind. People fail because they carry antagonistic thoughts in their minds . antagonistic thoughts are food without nutritional value, which poisons the system.

The same thing is true for emotions and actions. If a person has antagonistic emotions, he is in confusion, in storm, and he has no true emotions. He cannot love and hate the same object, although he may deceive himself with words.

Our actions also have polarity. However good and evil are not polarities but antagonistic forces. Polarity in action means that your action is good for you and for all that exists. If your action is good for you only or others only, there is no polarity or equilibrium in it.

Polarity in action means that your action is good for your body, heart, and mind. if it good for your body and bad for your mind, there is no polarity in it.

Insanity is absence of polarity in thought. Sanity is the presence of polarity in thought, used by the power of equilibrium.

Polarity or pairs of opposites:

1. Higher worlds , daily life
2. Rest , labor
3. Silence, talk
4. Attraction, repulsion
5. Interest, indifference
6. Labor for oneself, labor for others
7. Attack, retreat
8. Personality, soul

The polarity of thought is, in a sense, the law of balance. 

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