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Monday, July 11, 2011


People think that concentration is only a mental ability, by which you focus your mind on an object. But this not the whole story. Concentration involves not only your mind but also your physical, etheric, emotional, mental and spiritual energies. When all these energies are focused on an object , you are in a state of concentration.

It is very strange but true that the majority of people does not have any object of interest where the weight of their life is concentrated. The majority of people does not have an object of concentration, and their attention is scattered. Such people do not have any life focus; every day, every month, and every year they change their focus from one object to another, from one part of the body to another.

* Dedication is concentration
* Devotion is concentration
* Enthusiasm is concentration
* Faith, in its real meaning, is a concentrated enthusiasm plus the awareness of the future achievements.
* A promise is a form of concentration
* Consistency and stability are forms of concentration
* Endurance is form of concentration
* Nobility is concentration.
* Another form of concentration is self – denial.
* Heroism is concentration.

Enemies of concentration: 

* The greatest enemy of concentration is doubt.
* Another enemy of concentration is the control of the past upon you.
* Another enemy of concentration is cleavages found in your nature.
* Another enemy of concentration is disturbance in space or in the environment.
* Guilt feelings destroy your concentration.
* Another enemy of concentration is imitation of the ways of our adversaries.
* Another hindrance on the path of concentration is emotional hang ups or traps.

How can we help our concentration?

Dedicate your self to a creative project, which will help humanity to free itself from all dangers. 

                                                    Do everything you do with all your heart. 


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