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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Shocks of Silence

From childhood people must be trained in the discipline of silence. They must learn the science of speech and silence. Greater mastery is achieved in life when we do not waste our breath and voice but use them only to enlighten, guide, protect, uplift and communicate with people….

One of the greatest healing factors is a silence experienced in the presence of a Cosmic beauty. Admiration is a moment of silence. Ecstasy is a period of silence. Exaltation is a duration of silence. It is in such a silence that psychic energy finds a way to flow into your whole system and revitalize and purify it.

We call these moments the shocks of silence, the shocks of beauty, glory, and grandeur. The real essence of beauty is silence. The True Self is silence. Only vehicles talk. The Self is silence.

Formulate your decisions after a long silence. Write your letters after a few moments of silence. Start your lecture after a moment of silence.

Answer the attacks of your enemies with silence. Let them receive the whole blow of their own speech. Let them trap themselves in their own network.

"Heal your bodies by keeping silence."

- Torkom Saraydarian.

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