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Tuesday, March 29, 2011


Different kinds of Dreams:

1.       Dreams that are caused by physical sensations and their associations with our memories, expectations and fears.
2.       Dreams that are registrations of events going on upon the astral plane.
3.       Dreams that are reflections of psychological conditions of people who are in some way associated with us.
4.       Dreams that are imposed dramas upon us by dark forces.
5.       Dreams that are the registrations of causes which are in the process of manifestation.
6.       Dreams that are astral or mental reactions to those events going on upon mental or higher planes.
7.       Dreams that are the records of actual happenings on any plane of existence.
8.       Disciplinary dreams.
9.       Dreams that are the result of our guilt.
10.   Dreams that are the result of our aspirations and desires.
11.   Entertaining dreams.
12.   Creative dreams.
13.   Test dreams.
14.   Challenging dreams.
15.   Dream experiences of the past.
16.   Dreams that are reflected activities on the astral plane.
17.   Instructive dreams.
18.   Dreams that are reflections of higher events.
19.   Resolving or healing dreams.
20.   Dreams that prepare you to face or meet unusual or difficult situations.
21.   Revealing dreams.
22.   Daydreaming.
23.   Similar dreams.

- Torkom Saraydarian.

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