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Monday, March 16, 2015

Evening Review

Evening review is like going over your thoughts, emotions, words, and actions and retaping points that were not acceptable to your soul.

A musician records his music and goes over it and corrects the tape. He casts away all that is not proper in the music and thus cleans the tape of all defects. This is what evening review does. It cleans your recording and does not let anything unacceptable stay there to contaminate the rest.

What is evening review? 

Every night seclude yourself for fifteen to thirty minutes and review your life during the day, starting from the moment you awakened. You progress minute by minute, checking your thoughts, words, emotions, and actions in a progressive way until you reach the moment of your review. Then you retape or record, eliminating all that is not acceptable by the light of your soul and replacing it with thoughts, emotions, actions, or words that are acceptable in the light of your soul. Thus you clean the chain of events from your recording.

For example, you acted in an angry, illogical, and rude manner at 10:00 am. Change the recoding. In your evening review, act in a very pleasant manner, with logic and reasoning. Be graceful. Now you have a new recording, and you will not take with you the old tape when you go to sleep. Instead you will have with you the newly edited tape. This will not only invigorate your nadis but will also destroy the seeds of future complications.

Suppose you were acting in vanity and ego and deceived someone. Now, at the evening review, you react and act without vanity, without ego, without deception, but are noble and honest in that event. During these times you prepare a bright future for yourself and cat out causes that will damage your nadis.

Sometimes you will see situations that make you hate yourself. This is not necessary. Approach the day’s events with indifference and correct them. In the evening review if you are totally satisfied with yourself you are blind or afraid. See deep into yourself. See motives, see intentions, and bring them out and change them.

Accepting yourself as you are leads you to future moral and spiritual bankruptcy.

With this method you become your own guide, and your soul light increases in your consciousness and makes you ever alert.

Knowledge, degrees, and positions destroy your future if you do not guide yourself with the light of your reason and logic and by the light of your soul.

- Torkom Saraydarian (Esoteric Science of Healing, p.197)

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