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Thursday, November 6, 2014


How to Give Blessings?

Fill your heart with gratitude and compassion and link your consciousness with the Omnipresence of Bliss. Visualize yourself transmitting bliss to the person or object of your blessing.

Let the current of bliss be given to


How Blessings Must Be Received?

With the determination that the blessings will be used for the service, joy, upliftment of others.

With an attitude of total mental and emotional silence tuned in with the person who is sending the blessings.

As if you are receiving the highest treasure of the person.

How To Be Worthy of Blessings?

Because of your sacrificial service to others

Because of the gifts that you have given to people to meet their needs or to express your gratitude

Because of the trust you create in the mind of the one whom you expect to bless you

Because of your dedication to a great cause

Because of your unconditional love for humanity

Blockage To The Flow Of Blessings Are

Malice, slander, treason, and the spirit of conspiracy in words, actions, and thoughts

Lack of faith, doubt


Crime, hatred, revengeful actions

Ego and Vanity

What Blessings Do?

Bliss revitalizes your head center from energy is distributed to all other centers

A cleansing of the centers, glands, and organs start immediately

Emotional purification results in feelings of love, peace, gratitude, humility, and forgiveness

They expand your consciousness and cause you to think clearly

Creative energies increase and you bring greater beauties into the world to uplift the human heart

- Torkom Saraydarian

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