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Friday, March 21, 2014

Eight Spiritual Laws

The spiritual laws below will help us raise our- selves from the present crisis and help us strengthen our- selves for future challenges. In brief, the laws are:

1. The Law of Beauty: We can surround ourselves with physical, emotional, and mental beauty. Beauty in any form gives us spiritual satisfaction and releases our inner potentials. Beauty is soul inspired. Beauty helps us live and expand toward Higher Principles. Test this out on yourself: How do you feel after seeing beautiful works of art? How do you feel when you see a magnificent sunset? How do you feel when you hear beautiful words from others?

2. The Law of Harmlessness: We can strive to be harm- less in all our thoughts and actions. This is the Law of Consideration for the welfare of others. Its violation brings disturbances in our families, schools, and businesses. When our children are not taught to be considerate of others, they will open their hearts to evil; they will commit acts of violence against others.

3. The Law of Purity: We can purify our bodies, emotions, and minds. “Purity is a state in which the human soul is in full control of his mechanism and runs that mechanism in harmony with the Plan and Purpose of life.”

4. The Law of Unity: defined as follows: “…people must live a life as if they were one with all life- forms, as if they were cells in one body, as if all of them had the same urge to be happy, healthy, prosperous, and en- lightened…. Every time we think contrary to the Law of Unity, we weaken our mental mechanism. Every time we feel separative and selfish, we petrify our heart — that great mechanism of contact with the highest principles of the Universe.

5. The Law of Cooperation: We can step up to our responsibilities and do everything we can to help those who are working to expand the work of the Teaching. This is a fundamental law for real success in our lives. “In an atmosphere of cooperation, it will be difficult for criminals and opportunists to make their future at the expense of your happiness and health.”

6. The Law of Responsibility: We can take on added responsibilities to increase awareness of the Laws of the Ageless Wisdom. This is said to be one of the highest laws in the Universe. “To be responsible means to understand fully that you can make people either happy or miserable by your thoughts, words, and actions. When you have the sense of responsibility, you live in a way that you not only prevent misery for others, but you also increase their joy, happiness, and success and become their protector without violating their freedom.”

7. The Law of Striving Toward Perfection: We can strive a little bit more this year and next year. It is striving that balances our knowledge and our beingness. If we do not strive, we live a life immersed in matter; we try by all means to satisfy our urges for sex, drugs, violence, alcohol, tobacco, and other materially driven behavior. If we strive, we will invariably start to grow, improve, and reach new heights in our beingness.

Our future as a humanity will be determined by our striving toward higher ways of life.

8. The Law of Love: We can simply love one another. This Law pervades our Universe. Our Solar System is imbued with the Ray of Love. Only through love can we open the communication with God and let His Grace fill our hearts. “The currents of darkness and destruction and the currents of light and regeneration are in a fierce fight. It is imperative that all enlightened people offer their energy to light, to make the darkness retreat.”

“If these eight laws are violated, the result will be unhappiness, sickness, crime, death, poverty, and misery.” If we follow these laws, our bodies will be under the control of our soul, our emotions will be pure and serene, our minds will be lucid and creative. And, we will be inspired and charged with the psychic energy of Cosmos.

- Torkom Saraydarian

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