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Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Communication is Fusion

Communication is not necessarily a conversation, physical relationship, or being at a party, or even being married. Communication is a moment in which you fuse with someone and understand him, and make him understand you. There is a moment when you see his viewpoint and he sees yours, and you both see the common de­nominator in them.

Have you ever had such communication? If not, use your creative imagination and create one.

Exercise on communication:

Find moments in your life in which you had communication with people. You will see that most of our tensions, disappointments, sorrows, pain, and anxiety are the result of a break in our communication.

The moment you begin to communicate you find treasures in your nature and release them as sources of energy.

Of course there are many different levels of communication. There is communication with your Inner Guide, or even with your own core, with the cores of others, with a Great One, with Invisible Powers, and so on.

You can even communicate with a flower, a bird, a tree, a mountain, a star, an ocean, a river. See what is happening to you when you communicate.

After you understand what communication is, try to communicate with someone with whom communication was impossible in the past, and try to find what the obstacle is and how you can remove it.

Your creative imagination can do anything you want. Just use it.

You will find many obstacles to remove. For example, there is fear, or certain memories in which the person may have deceived you, or those times when you deceived the person.

In communication there is a moment in which you forget yourself and identify with the other party, while the other party is doing the same thing.

Trust and sincerity pave the way for communication. Joy illuminates the way. Freedom intensifies the unity. Beauty uplifts the communication to higher and higher levels.

People sometimes do not need time to learn to communicate. Some can communicate instantaneously. This is a sign that in the past they had close contacts with each other.

Communication is not necessarily the acceptance or rejection of ideas, visions, or viewpoints of people. Acceptance and rejection are lower mental activities. Communication starts on the higher mental plane and proceeds toward higher planes where people are not interested in differences but in similarities of goals and purposes.

Communication is the result of an intuitive feeling that the one with whom you are communicating is you.

by Torkom Saraydarian [Excerpted from Happiness, Joy & Bliss by Torkom Saraydarian]

Link to the book:Happiness, Joy & Bliss - Book Link

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