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Saturday, January 14, 2012

Anatomy of Meditation

Man lives in two worlds. One, the external world and the other being the internal world. We all are aware of the external world. It is what man sees with his eyes. Inner world is the world which exists within man. It is beyond man eyes. Meditation helps us to focus or rather helps us to throw light on this inner world.

The advantages of Meditation:-

Detachment- Meditation gives understanding which leads to detachment and this leads to true self. Meditation helps us to get detached from all forms of attachment (physical, mental & emotional) which helps us to become true self. This true self leads to Joy & Striving and thus gives us a liberated life.

Confrontation- Meditation is all about confrontation with your self. In the process of confrontation questions arise. Throw light if answers are required.
Questions + Ideas + Plan + Purpose + Will power = Endless path to infinity

Transformation- Meditation helps us to transform from impure self to pure self. It leads to purification at all three levels (physical, emotional & mental).

Breaking Limitations- Meditation helps one to break his/her limitations by putting light on inner world. Breaking limitations is essential if one does not wants to break himself with limitations. Limitations are nothing but are very own cleavages and flaws. Cleavages and Prison give us mechanical suffering. Prisons are our mental trap, emotional trap & physical trap.

Perfection- Meditation helps us to put light which leads the way to perfection. Perfection brings Reception, Accumulation & Distribution.

The average building material of inner houses are as follows-

Lies-30%, Jealousy-10%, Hatred-10%, Gossip-5%, Goodwill-2%, Depression-3%, Anger-5%, Sex-35%.

Plan- Meditation helps us to plan for our soul. There are 38 plan steps in the science of meditation.

Meditation leads to discrimination, better choice and responsibility. It helps us to develop independent self as it aids in withdrawing one from glamour, illusion, urges and drives. Things changes when people change their hearts and expand their awareness and consciousness. This change can be achieved only through meditation.

Meditation has certain requirements like Purity of life, ability to keep joy in striving conditions. It also has certain hindrances like wrong thinking, distortion of facts, falsification of issues, hypocrisy, wrong motives. In a nutshell meditation is all about understanding which brings silence. It leads light from darkness.

As, meditation has advantages it is also bound by certain dangers of inner world.

Danger can be defined as a moment in which we confront the possibility of loosing life, possessions or attachments.

Seven main dangers of inner world:-

Hypocrisy- When one learns teachings but does not apply in daily life then it creates Malignant Hippocrates.

Egoism- If one learns the teachings and uses for self-interest than he develops Ego.

Vanity- If one learns the teachings and believes that he is the embodiment of teachings then it creates a disease called Vanity.

Fanatism- If one learns with limited frame of intellect then one develops Fanatism.

Obscenity- If one learns teachings and uses it to acquire power then he develops Obscenity.

Heartlessness- If one learns and uses to find faults to gain superiority or fame he develops Heartlessness.

Insanity- If he learns and his mental, emotional and physical nature does not has the required purity he develops Insanity.

Demonstrating signs for cultivating meditation-

2) Unselfishness
4) Sense of Responsibility 
5) spiritual discrimination 
6) Fearlessness 
7) Purity

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