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Monday, December 13, 2010

Experience - Real Experience

“Experience is not what happens to a man. It is what a man does with what happens to him.” 

Experience means to come face to face with reality on the level where you are.

Experience means to understand the course of the event and the effect of the event on you and your environment.

Higher experiences are collaborations of experiences in the past and present. Higher experiences are buried experiences within us which do not have interpretations.

Experiences have many levels and we can give them various names to differentiate them.

1. Accidents, mechanical experiences.
2. Events which are the result of our stupidity.
3. Painful experiences.
4. Pleasant experiences.
5. Uplifting, enlightening experiences.
6. Experiences of contact with reality.

7. Experience of achievement.

Accidents, mechanical experiences: An incident turns into experience when a lesson is learnt from it.

Events which are the result of our stupidity: we experience the result of our stupidity then the event becomes the result of what we had planted unconsciously.

Painful experiences: Painful experiences occur when we lose a great friend or a relative or when we are involved with a friend who is full of ego, vanity and spirit of condemnation.

We would prefer experiences that are not harmful but increase the wisdom we need to help others.

Pleasant experiences: Any true experience is a reaffirmation of the reality of the experience by the corresponding inner reality.

Uplifting, enlightening experiences: an event is an unfolding, enlightening and uplifting experience when you assimilate the energy, light and revelation hidden in the experience and then transform yourself.

Experiences are given in many forms: for example;

· Experiences in color
· Experiences in sound
· Experiences in rhythm and motion
· Experiences in fragrance
· Experiences in beauty
· Experiences in joy
· Experiences in freedom

Experiences of contact with reality: Experience of contact with reality are experiences related to the contacts of your inner core, with the hierarchy and with higher beings.

Experience of achievement: Experience of achievement are when you realize that you are functioning on higher plane with a higher body. When you see that you are able to wield energy and use it for a purpose; when you have experience of expansion of consciousness, inclusiveness, utter humility.

Discrimination between experiences makes a great difference in saving time, energy, money, or in losing such sources of future service.

An experience can be pleasant now but in the future it can cause pain.
An experience can be painful now but it can into a joy into a future.
An experience can be joyful now, and remain joyful forever.

We must try to have experiences that at least bring us joy in the future, or remain joyful forever.

So, we have 3 factors that lead us to real experience.

1. The ability to see the laws and principles behind and in the event.
2. Confirmation from your soul that what you see corresponds to an inner realization.
3. Seeing the result and confirming it as experience.

People on earth do not have real experiences; that is why things repeat in their life over and over again. The signs of real experiences are:

1. That unpleasant, harmful, limiting events never repeat themselves.
2. That pleasant, releasing, joyful, healing, expanding events rhythmically repeat in our lives.

Real experience must teach us what principles and laws to use to avoid unpleasant and limiting events and to increase the pleasant and expanding events.

A true experience is a reaffirmation of the discovered principles and laws by inner, existing principles and laws. One does not need to cut his head to have an experience of how one feels in cutting his head.

Experience is not a collection of feelings, sensations, pain and suffering, or pleasures, but it is the realization of the laws and principles of life in general.

For example, if you touch a flame and burn your finger, you will never try to touch the flame again. But if you touch the flame for the second time, you never had an experience with the flame.

People often ask how one learns without having an experience? The answer is that you will never learn if you do not have a true experience.

An experience is direct contact between the causes, laws, and principles and the corresponding laws, principles, and causes existing within you.

You can see that most people use the word experience in a wrong way. An experience is an extension of your inner reality and its fusion with the similar outer reality.

A true experience is one that teaches you a principle, a law, a fact, a weakness that you have, a virtue that you have, a revelation through which you expand your consciousness or see the true nature of certain events and their causes.

Experience can be etheric, astral, mental, which can be synthesized in the etheric centres.

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